Rates For Physical Therapy Services


We are an out-of-network provider for all health insurance companies, but we have many options for helping to make the best treatment available and affordable for you. 

Because we are out of network: 

  1. We are able to tailor your plan of care to your individual needs so that you get better faster.

  2. It is in our best interest of providing the highest standards of care

  3. Incorporate the latest evidence

  4. Provide you with an array of options for getting the most out of your treatment.

At your request, we are happy to file with your insurance company on your behalf, and visits do fully qualify for reimbursement through HSAs and FSAs. Please let us know what your insurance benefits are so that we can maximize your reimbursement. We also offer payment and pricing plans. 

Physical Therapy and Personal Training Services

Single session: $129

3 pack..$115/session



20 pack..$89/session

10% discount for Cash Pay or Venmo**