At Prehab2Perform, we specialize in treating individuals who want to reduce injury, enhance quality of life, and optimize athletic performance. Most of our clients start with physical therapy then transition into personal training thats safe, effective, and highly addictive! Here are some of the services that we provide:

The Graston Technique is the most effective methodology in reducing myofascial restrictions, breaking up scar tissue, and returning the muscle to normal elasticity.

Blood Flow Restriction Training.
We are one of the few facilities in SoCal to have the Blood Flow Restriction equipment the pros use.
This one cutting edge technique can make the difference between a success and unsuccessful rehab. Check out the ESPN video below on the use of Blood Flow Restriction Training with pro athletes.

Client Testimonials

"Blessed that I can sleep again, move again, CrossFit again, and even compete again. After a tough few months living with a 1cm protruding spinal disc (and its accompanying pain, numbness, burning, tightness, and lack of sleep), I am virtually asymptomatic. Special thanks to my incredible PT, Dr. Steve Sudell for his incredible knowledge, intuition, and guidance" --Jay Besina, Crossfit athlete, School teacher

The Video on the left was four months pre-injury when Andrew sustained a left compound femur fracture, left wrist fracture, and cartilage damage to his left knee after a skateboarding accident. Prior to the injury, Andrew never touched a barbell. The video on the right is 4 months post injury, Andrew is now able to perform a body weight squat, pain free, and below parallel for 6 reps. Not to mention he can also run, jump, and now feels more confident than ever to start returning to sports and trying new activities. Amazing job thus far but this is only the beginning for Andrew.

"Steve has helped me achieve a level of fitness that has greatly improved my surfing. I feel much stronger paddling for difficult waves and I don't fatigue as quickly when the currents ares strong. His workouts are hard, but I always feel great afterwards" --Bruna Schmitz, Pro-surfer, Swimsuit Model

"Dr. Steve is efficient, patient, and is able to whip me into shape ever so calmly! I hate working out, I think it sucks, but when Dr. Steve makes the environment enjoyable with rewarding results, you want to come back for more every time." --Kelia Moniz, 2012, 2013 Women's ASP Longboard Champion 

"I was blessed to find Steve to work with as I incurred my first major injury. As an avid athlete and trainer myself, training is part of my everyday life so when I first injured my back I was devastated but quickly got back on my feet with the help of several therapists with Steve being one of them and played a major role in my recovery. He was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and give me exercises to help to correct my imbalances. He gave me a load of great rehab exercises to do and I still do them until this day to prep for my daily workouts. Steve is an amazing therapist and so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and really cares about your wellbeing and getting you better the fastest and safest way possible. I strongly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, and knowledgeable physical therapist." -Sandra Jersby, Personal Trainer, Crossfit Athlete

"After all of the ER visits, ambulance rides, torn ligaments, surgeries, rehab, broken boards, broken ribs, punctured lungs, broken ego, countless stitches, beatings, near drownings, thousands and thousands of miles in the Prius - hours and hours of obsessing over forecasts, weather, wind, etc.,  - I finally got my wave. Thank you Dr. Steve Sudell Jr. for keeping me moving"--Wade Lawson, Professional Standup Paddle-boarder, Helicopter Pilot, Total Badass