Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a key element to your overall health and well being. If you want to complement your physical therapy and training with nutrition coaching, we highly recommend Beyond Macros.

Beyond Macros offers 1-on-1 nutrition coaching services, and is the only service where face-to-face meetings (in person, or via Skype) are the standard. Every Beyond Macros coach is CrossFit athlete and coach who understand both the demands of high intensity training, and managing the demands of life outside the gym.


Rather than put you on a crash diet, Beyond Macros coaches help you make dietary habit changes that are sustainable in the long run. The results speak for themselves.

Lab Testing & Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

In addition to nutrition coaching services, you can also work with Beyond Macros founder, Matt Walrath, to “take a peak under the hood” and uncover causes of hidden stress on your body by running labs such as:

  • Food Sensitivity Testing 
  • Adrenal Stress and Steroid Hormone panels
  • Liver, Digestion and Oxidative stress panel
  • Gut permeability tests
  • Gut pathogen screens
  • And more.

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Matt will provide an interpretation of the results with a custom protocol to address your unique mix of underlying stress. The protocol includes nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.

Or: Email directly to learn more about Beyond Macros services.