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Prehab to Perform University:

  • Do you have mobility issues?
  • Does it affect your squat or overhead position?
  • Have you noticed recent plateaus with your lifts?
  • Are you experiencing pain?
  • Have you read articles and mobility related books, and found yourself overwhelmed and still not quite grasping important concepts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must attend the Prehab to Perform University. This class was designed, created, and will be taught by Dr. Steve Sudell. Dr. Steve is a Physical Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, L1 certified crossfit coach, has competed in 2013 Crossfit Games, and works with athletes of all levels at his clinic, Prehab2Perform.

Prehab U is very unique in that the curriculum is 6 weeks long and class will meet once a week during the 6 week duration. Each class itself runs approximately 1 hour long and will be very hands on and interactive.  The intention of the seminar is to give the attendee specific mobility drills and prehab exercises that are easy to understand and easy to remember long after the class is over.

The classes will be broken down into weeks:

  1. Intro into Prehab U and Anterior Chain/Back Squat
  2. Spine Safety and Posterior Chain/Deadlift
  3. Proper Front Rack Positioning, wrist/elbow and Front Squat
  4. Shoulder/T-spine mobility and Overhead Positioning
  5. Overhead Squat Mechanics
  6. Core Stability and Summary

Unlike most seminars, homework will be assigned and constant feedback will be provided during the entire 6 weeks via email, in person, or over the phone. This significantly improves the athlete's retention and ability to use all of the valuable information provided. The student will leave with the necessary tools to stay healthy, perform at a higher performance level, and also be able to help coach others who may have a breakdown in movement patterns. This class will, without a doubt, get you on track to achieving your athletic genetic potential. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Steve with any questions or concerns via email: Steve@prehab2perform.com

Stay Healthy My Friends

Seminar Schedule:

For 6 weeks, every Sunday at 1 pm (starting August 6th)


"I just wanted to say Thanks for such a great class. Lots of info that my brain is trying to remember, but the handouts are great. You are super knowledgeable, and have a wonderful way with people and made me feel comfortable the entire time. (it could be potentially intimidating to not only be the only female, but the oldest in class too, but I never felt awkward!) Anyway, the class was a great experience!"   Laura Villandre Marina Del Rey, CA

"Our athletes and coaches got a ton of useful information from Dr. Steve's course. Information that will surely keep them safe, make them stronger, and better athletes. We look forward to putting his teachings to work every day and making our entire gym better." - Tony Frezza, Owner, CrossFit Palm Beach

"I really wanted to thank you for a great experience. I really learned a lot! I have had a number of PRs the past few weeks in the gym and its definitely not a coincidence from when I started the class." John Federspiel, Culver City, CA

“Great information and interactive demonstrations for the time frame. There is a lot to cover with mobility, but this course provided a great philosophy for addressing improving mobility.” Simon, Tequesta, FL

“I'm finding over my years of training that mobility is far more important than anything else in the fitness world. Strength endurance agility will all come much faster with mobility. Dr. Steve, you brought mobility to a new level. Thank you” Jay Wilbur, Jupiter, FL

“The hands on was definitely was the best part. It allowed us to accurately know what he was instructing so we can use that in the future.” Mike Fratt, Palm Beach Gardens, FL