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Hey, I’m Steve. I have a beautiful wife, Lindsay, two great dogs, and live in sunny Venice, CA. I’ve been a Crossfit competitor since 2012 and I specialize in working with high intensity athletes on their mobility, prehab, and post-injury physical therapy.

I received my Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapist in 2009, and find the human body to be the most extraordinary machine ever built. The level of what we can accomplish with our bodies is a never ending cycle of awesome. And I feel that Crossfit is really starting to un-tap what we truly are capable of mentally and physically. What really stuck out to me is how often we don’t take care of our bodies, and how often that leads to injury over time. This is especially true of those who engage in high intensity workouts or sports. Most people don’t know how important it is to take steps to prepare their bodies for action. 

I’ll break it down for you:

Movement: those who do not move well, get injured. When your body lacks adequate mobility, strength, and neuromuscular control, it is not ready to safely perform at a high level of intensity. What ends up happening is setback. Injury. Pain.

When we focus on getting people do move better, I have seen some incredible things. I created Prehab 2 Perform as a free resource and tool geared towards some of the things I am most passionate about: helping people return to what they love, maximizing genetic potential, and Crossfit.



  • Graduated with Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy, 2009 with Honors, University of St. Augustine 2009

  • Treated and trained professional baseball, football, basketball players along with professional surfers and American Open Olympic Weightlifters

  • Private Practice open since 2012 treats >90% Crossfit athletes

  • Helped develop Prehab program into Paradiso Crossfit Programming

  • Co-owner of Stretchlab, creator of the stretching protocols used by the flexologists

  • Athletic Trainer for Atlanta Falcons 2007

  • Athletic Trainer for Men's Division 1 basketball, and football University of Central Florida 2007-2008

  • 2013 Crossfit Games Team Competitor

  • 2014 Crossfit Regionals Team Competitor

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified Coach

  • SFMA Certified

  • Graston Technique Certified

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711 Hampton Drive
Venice, CA 90291
(561) 329-8500


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